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16 flavours of mutilation

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So if independent monitors and Mugabe’s allies agree that neither candidate got over 50% then announce the results already!

On the up-side we have Tsvangirai and Mutambara joining forces; Zimbabwe’s version of the dream ticket? We have had numerous SMS’ and emails requesting that the opposition unite to shunt bobby sideways. Tendai was the most passionate

Please I really needed the two MDCs to go into the elections united as we were fighting one common enemy which is the devil called ZANU PF. I was then surprised to see the two MDCs going into the election divided. We could have completely removed the devil from the picture by now had the two MDCs gone into the elections united. From my own analysis the MDC could have won 10 more house of parliament seats and at least 5 more senate seats had they gone united. My question is why are you failing it? Why are you not a united front by now? Why are you yet to combine forces to fight ZANU in the parliament and senate. If we are to add all the seats that the two MDCs won we come up with 109 seats which actually becomes outright majority. If the two MDCs continue to go into the parliament divided the ZANU will continue taking advantage of the divisions to continuously oppress the ordinary Zimbabweans. further to that it will continue to show the disorganisation of the two parties as opposition parties.

On the streets, Zimbabweans are taking their fury and their frustration out on Mugabe’s presidential posters. Various forms of of mutilation are taking place from gouged out eyes, a gap where that tichy mustache usually bristles, at times the fist has gotten the chop and then there are the beheadings. If I were Mugabe I’d be afraid of the real thing.

From the Lowveld we received this message which indicates that some Zimbabweans are retaliating, saying enough is enough

More threats
Local ZANU councilors are forcing people on nearby farms to go to meetings where they are accused of being MDC voters and then told that they are going to be beaten and killed at night.

Tensions rising
Last night at about 9.30pm I heard a lot of shouting coming from Tshovani township near Chiredzi, the next morning I asked several people what it was about and they all said that the residents were shouting for Mugabe to go. I have also been informed that the MDC youth are forming units to protect them and retaliate against militia if they start beating people in the Lowveld area. A similar action has taken place in the Zaka constituencies and I believe in Masvingo also. There is a lot of despondency here and also a lot of anger, people want to fight now.

Break in for what?
At 2.15am a person broke into my house, ignored the food in my pantry and the TV and sound systems in my lounge, he started to open my passage door leading to my bedroom. Fortunately I have been putting a cow bell on the door handle since 2000 and it fell off and made enough noise for me to get into action. I grabbed my 20 shot 9mm and rushed out and managed to fire two shots close to his feet as he was running away. It’s possible that this person or persons meant me harm; anyway I am sure that I have distracted them a little.

Bare shelves
All the supermarkets and wholesalers shelves are empty but for a few packets of chips and rotting vegetables! Maize meal, sugar, milk and soap are non existent.

2 comments to “16 flavours of mutilation”

  1. Comment by Sally Davies:

    Bev, I’m sorry to hear you had that break in, very sinister. I suppose though, that it proves your work is annoying people who deserve to be annoyed. So glad you were not hurt, may you continue to be kept safe.

  2. Comment by Bev Clark:

    Hi Sally

    Thanks for your message of support . . . the person who had a break in wasn’t me but a farmer who sends us email updates of the situation in his farming area. He is a brave guy who keeps us informed on a regular basis.